SensorSwitch™ Mobile App

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Quick and easy approach to sensor configuration



Sensor Programming in a Flash!

Get off the job faster with the SensorSwitch Mobile App. Set occupancy time delay, trim values, photocontrol options and more using your mobile device.


Simplified programming to aid code compliance


Custom PIN to ensure settings are secure


Easy restoration to factory default setting


Repeatable programming of sensors in different locations

Two Easy Programming Options


Bluetooth® Wireless Programming (BTP)
Ideal for up to 100ft. range.

Eliminate the need for a lift or ladder! Program settings on multiple sensors simultaneously with Bluetooth® wireless technology.



Visible Light Programming (VLP)
Use for 6-8ft. range.

Change sensor settings using the camera flash on your mobile device for VLP-enabled products within close range.


How it Works

Bluetooth® Configuration for Large Scale Applications

Configure Sensor Settings with Bluetooth® Technology

Configure Sensor Settings in a Flash


  • 1. If I can program multiple sensors at the same time, that seems like a network. What am I missing?

    The Sensor Switch mobile app allows the user to select all sensors in Bluetooth® radio range and que them up to set options. Once you push those options the app will connect to each selected sensor, one at a time, and configure it.
  • 2. Are Bluetooth® programmable sensors via SensorSwitch available as discreet devices?

    Today, Bluetooth® programmable sensors are offered in select industrial high bay products. More will be released in additional platforms in the future but is not currently offered as a discreet device to ensure compatibility.
  • 3. Do I still have the option to use push-button programming on VLP-enabled sensors?

    Sensor programming using the Sensor Switch mobile app does not eliminate traditional push-button programming. The mobile app is an alternative option that helps overcome the complexity of push-button programming and reduce time on the job for contractors. All VLP-enabled products are programmable using both the Sensor Switch mobile app or the traditional push-button method.
  • 4. What is the default PIN code?

    There is no default PIN code. Upon installation, you will be required to set the PIN code. If your application exceeds 500 fixtures, you can process an RFA requesting a pre-set PIN code.
  • 5. Why do I have to login to the Sensor Switch mobile app?

    A login gives you the benefit of being able to save profiles. We want to be able to help you remember things like PIN codes and typical configuration settings that may be associated with particular jobs and application spaces.
  • 6. What is the difference between the Sensor Switch Mobile App versus the Acuity VLP Mobile App?

    VLP Question 6-2

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