Social Media Community Notice

Acuity Brands manages several social media channels to serve our customers, showcase our Company, celebrate our employees, and support our communities. Our goal is to maintain social media communities that are helpful, inclusive, and encouraging. We created these guidelines to ensure that our social media communities reflect our community, integrity, and people values.

All posts, comments, use of the Acuity Brands social handle(s), ID(s), name(s), and other types of social media engagements, regardless of the kind of content, are public and should align with our Company’s values. In addition, our representatives may contact those who post on social media for clarification, follow up or request for removal via direct messaging, email, or other means.

1. Know and follow our guidelines
We want our visitors to know that you automatically agree to the guidelines below when you engage with content on one of our social media communities. So, by posting, commenting, tagging, or otherwise engaging with content on one of our channels, you agree to our Social Media Community Guidelines below. 

Our associates and contractors must also follow the Acuity Brands Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, the Company Associate Handbook, the Social Media Policy, and other Company policies. All associate online activities should follow the Company's procedures governing non-disclosure of Company confidential and proprietary information, use of Company Information Technology) resources and communications systems, and appropriate associate behaviors.

2. Be constructive and respect the community
Please stay away from mentioning competitors by name or discussing their products. In addition, avoid posting anything that might be offensive to others or engaging in inappropriate conduct. Examples include personal insults, threats or intimidation, obscenities, discriminatory or harassing language, actions that constitute “trolling” or bullying, defamatory or knowingly false statements, or topics such as politics and religion.

3. Understand that some topics and actions are off-limits
We follow financial disclosure laws and ask our visitors to avoid comments about financial and sales topics and predictions (including rumors) of future performance. Comments on Company-related legal matters, such as litigation, also should be addressed by the Company’s official spokesperson.

We don’t discuss our confidential information: Disclosing or commenting on the Company’s non-public, confidential information, such as information related to inventions, unreleased products, sales, customers, operations, finances, or business dealings or otherwise, are not permitted.

Use of Acuity Brands’ trademarks, logos, and other identifying marks is limited to authorized Company posts and may not be used in a misleading or unintended manner.

We respect to others’ intellectual property rights, confidential information, and privacy, so please make sure you have permission before using any copyrighted content, trademarks, brands, and names (including handles and hashtags), logos of other companies and individuals (even if found on the Internet).

We do not allow unauthorized use or referencing of individuals, customers, suppliers, or business partners or revealing any trade secrets, confidential or proprietary information related to them.

We do not allow unapproved use of any person’s (including a co-worker’s) personal information, such as a picture, name (including tagging in a photo), etc., or publishing any private conversations, personal information, or personal issues.

We do not allow spam, unapproved advertising, predatory conduct, unapproved links to other websites, software viruses, Trojan horses, or any other computer code or files or disabling mechanisms that are designed to disrupt, damage, or limit the functioning of any software, hardware, telecommunications equipment, or that interferes with the operation of the social media site.

Be advised that we monitor and respond during certain times.
Our goal is to read all messages, posts, and comments and respond quickly to questions and feedback as appropriate. However, our accounts are only monitored Monday through Friday during business hours (excluding holidays). If you need immediate assistance during our business hours, please reach out via our other service channels, which can be found here: 

By posting, commenting, tagging, or otherwise engaging with our content, you confirm that your action(s) comply with our guidelines and don’t contain any of the restricted content listed above. Please note, however, that we may remove, untag, unfollow, and/or block any post, comment, or individual that we believe does not comply with our guidelines.