Fresco™ FCS7 Release Notes

The Fresco program is updated frequently with new features and improvements.  The release notes for each update are listed below.  Please scroll through the notes to find out what updates have been packed into our newest releases.  This page is updated frequently so please come back soon!


Fresco Studio Software:
New Features:

  • Adds support for nIO 16Z and nIO 8Z CCT and their subdevices

Fresco Studio Software:
Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an error that occurred when communicating with Fresco touchscreens using encryption.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when importing a project without a passphrase for a master and slave Fresco where the master has encryption enabled.
  • Fixed merging into a project from an encrypted Fresco when only the project, not the controller, is encrypted.

Fresco Studio Software:

  • Optimized conflict manager to allow import of large projects

Fresco Studio Software:
Bug Fix: 

  • Fixed a crash when importing a controller multiple times

Fresco Studio Software:
Bug Fix: 

  • Fixed a startup crash that occurred when recent projects could not be found (introduced in Fresco Studio version

Fresco Mobile iOS App: 1.5.7
New Features: 

  • Allows encrypted communication with Fresco controllers

  • Improves WiFi and Bluetooth stability


Fresco Studio Software: 2.4.0

New Features

  • Encrypts project files 
  • Encrypts communication with Fresco controllers
  • Removes default user/password during project creation
  • Improves user account editing


Fresco Touchscreen Firmware: 202.01.1 Release Notes 

202.01 Fresco System Security Updates

New Features

  • Added functionality for encrypted FCN Ethernet Communication
  • Encrypted Bluetooth communications               
  • Removed default usernames/passwords
  • Removed telnet interface
  • Bugs Fixed

Known Issues

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle

Fresco Studio 2.3.4 Release Notes

New Features: 

  • DMX and nLight libraries can be updated independently of Studio/Fresco products, through update tool

  • Support for nIO-4Z and nIO-16Z devices

  • New dark theme for the update tool

Enhancements and fixes:

  • Latest files of each product are downloaded automatically on startup without user intervention

  • Multiple zones can be created at once

  • Improvements to text size and layout consistency

  • Update tool works more consistently without an Internet connection

  • nIO EZDX CCT and nIO EZDA VERTEX display improvements

  • Various other improvements and bug fixes

201.31 ADR BACnet functionality

New Features 

  • ARP Cards and Relays inherit the name assigned to it in the node treeview

  • Added functionality to update individual nLight and DMX libraries 

  • Added ADR support through an nECY's ADR BACnet mapping

  • Added a notification banner for ADR and linked rooms notifications

  • Added capability to setup shade channels on the UTS

Bugs Fixed 

  • Fixed issue causing nLight GFX scene inputs to update slowly

  • Fixed hanging issue on nLight discovery screen

  • Fixed memory leak in changing tabs

  • Fixed memory leak after a DHCP address renewal on older generation processors

  • Fixed GFX bug preventing proper scene and input programming

  • Fixed random reset due to nLight bitwise structure

Known Issues

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle

201.27 LMP Controller and Module Updater

New Features 

  • Added support for updating LMP Controller and LMP Modules from the RDM page

  • Improved nLight Global Channel allocation method to not use a channel for unused inputs

  • BACnet Client object list is refreshed if an object on the BACnet server side is removed

  • Added a rev number to the displayed firmware version 

Bugs Fixed 

  • Fixed back button in Edit Schedule Page

  • Fixed Custom Logo erased after updating firmware via Ethernet

  • Fixed BACnet Read Mode Property name cut off in BACnet Client page

  • Fixed ARP status voltage displaying voltage x10 greater than real voltage

Known Issues

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle 


Version 201.22.03/2019 - RELEASE NOTES

New Features 

  • Enabled support for nLight firmware release (final) 

  • BACnet client diagnostics in system diagnostics tab 
Bugs Fixed 
  • Fixed scheduling scripts to stop from Fresco Studio failed 

  • Fixed DMX color temperature limits require manual sync after power up 

  • Fixed missing nPODM-4S-DX in nLight library known Issues 

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle 

Fresco Studio 2.3.1 Release Notes

New Features 

  • nLight library updated for the latest global firmware release. 

  • New text search to filter Hardware, Inputs and Outputs views. 

  • Hardware tree dynamically sorts when updating controller IDs. 

  • New scheduling option to display past special assignments. 

  • Update tool inherits FCN port number from Studio preferences when launched from Studio. 

  • New splash screen design for both Studio and Update Tool. 

Fixes and Enhancements 
  • Script editing improved for drag/drop and copy/paste actions. 

  • Fix for executing a scheduled stop script after export. 

  • Show only valid selections for controllers with scripts for all views. 

  • Full 4-part version numbers displayed for new Studio releases. 

  • Calendar scheduling action buttons now update based on the date selected. 

  • Other general stability and performance improvements. 

VERSION 201.19 02/2019 - RELEASE NOTES 

New Features

  • Added BACnet Client functionality.

  • Provides on-screen method to link to profiles on nECY allowing a single scheduling interface.

  • Updated nLight library includes additional nCM devices.

  • Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed time drift on some Fresco Touchscreens.

  • Fixed one time scheduled events that failed to load.
Known Issues
  • DMX color temperature limits require manual sync after power up.

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle.

Fresco Studio 2.3.0 Release Notes

New BACnet/IP Client Feature

  • Manage up to 100 BACnet Client devices for each master controller in the hardware tree.

  • Configure BACnet/IP read remote properties with option to subscribe to COV.

  • Configure BACnet/IP write remote properties.

  • Set IP address for the Default Gateway when configuring BBMD networking.

  • Automatic upgrade existing studio projects to support new BACnet features.
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Prevent multiple instances of Update window from opening.

  • Allow single click to select check boxes for Room Links, Channels, and Scenes.

  • Manual ID changes are applied correctly across multiple controllers, scripts, and BACnet mappings.

  • Fixed Room Link dialog distortion on higher HD display resolutions.

  • Script 'Set' command no longer requires selecting the script ID twice.

  • Cancel button on Project Save dialog will cancel instead of exiting Studio.

  • Updated nLight library includes additional nCM devices.

VERSION 200.50 12/2018 - RELEASE NOTES
New Features
  • Added support for new Winline 501 DMX fixtures
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed color temperature fade for DMX outputs

  • Fixed lighting state restore when multiple devices have outputs in the same zone

  • Fixed issue where updating firmware on RBs and AVIs failed
Known Issues
  • DMX color temperature limits require manual sync after power up

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle


New Features
  • Unmasking an occupancy sensor updates the output if the sensor became vacant while masked

  • Added a System Diagnostics tab which displays available memory
Bugs Fixed
  • Color temperature limits failed to sync across multiple Frescos

  • nLight "Add all" button cleared zone assignments

  • Input masking/unmasking through a script did not work across networks

  • Some Frescos would fail to connect via Ethernet
Known Issues
  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle


Bugs Fixed
  • Uncontrolled reset when controlling large systems

  • Channel control zone selector only shows first 255 zones

  • DMX flicker when performing FCN operations

  • Scene button activation state incorrect after unlinking

  • Room link state lost after a restart on a non-master Fresco
Known Issues
  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle


New Features
  • Lighting levels preserved after reset or power failure

  • 72 Channels in each Fresco room

  • nLight ARP setup experience improved (including Fresco Studio support)

  • Scene save protection to prevent invalid scenes

  • Scenes are now able to toggle on/off

  • New nLight devices highlighted when connected

  • Offline nLight devices shown with red text

  • Fresco now displays nLight global channel utilization on diagnostics screen

  • nLight firmware version added to setup tree

  • Improved Ethernet firmware update speed

  • Searchable DMX Device List

  • Uptime status of Fresco devices on diagnostics screen and in Fresco Studio

  • FCN devices requiring firmware updates shown with red text

  • Scripting – Adds ability to setup conditional logic and loops
Bugs Fixed
  • FCN protocol rewritten for greater reliability

  • General UI improvements for readability and consistency

  • DMX color temperature fixture 1440 does not appear to turn on

  • nTune fixture flashes and goes full bright

  • Mobile app unable to control Fresco

  • nPP16 D “V3” bug

  • nPODM 4S DX EDUTW bug

  • BACnet COV only supports subscription from one BACnet Client

  • And much much more
Known Issues
  • nIO 1S will lose programming during update to v200

  • Mobile app does not support scene toggle

VERSION 111.34 10/2017 – RELEASE NOTES

Bugs Fixed 
  • nLight tunable white fixture forgets color temperature during off to on cycle

VERSION 111.33 10/2017 – RELEASE NOTES

Bugs Fixed
  • Dual Zone photocell patch

  • nLight devices following photocell stop responding to updates

VERSION 111.31 10/2017 – RELEASE NOTES

New Features
  • Zone level control of a daylight harvesting group

  • Improved multi-zone daylight harvesting control
Bugs Fixed
  • Photocell controlled dimmers do not turn on

  • ARP outputs do not dim


New Features
  • Initial nLight® Relay Panel support
Bugs Fixed
  • Photocell dim-to-off does not shut relay off

  • Bluetooth® hangs up shortly after connecting

  • DMX color temperature fixture not being controlled

VERSION 111.20 – 12/2016 RELEASE NOTES

New Features
  • nLight® nTune support

  • On-screen Room Link Control

  • Live configuration of nLight devices without restarting

  • Support Somfy® Shades
Bugs Fixed
  • Linked room scene activation causes AVI timeout error


New Features
  • BACnet™ Mapping Editor

  • Add support for Indy™ ChromaControl™ and Aculux™ DMX luminaires


New Features
  • Daylighting for any zone – Supports DMX luminaires and LMP

  • Zone Editor 

  • Fresco stations stop being discovered 

  • Custom logo causes restart 
Bugs Fixed
  • Input lower operations will lower the lights to off


New Features
  • Support control by room

  • nLight automatic set point calibration

  • nLight Microphonics support

  • Bluetooth® lockup during full-duplex communications

  • Groups are automatically assigned to all channels when selecting a multi-lettered room

  • Timeouts not functioning with multiple Fresco units

  • nRM does not appear functional with Fresco
Bugs Fixed
  • Bluetooth® lockup during full-duplex communications

  • Groups are automatically assigned to all channels when selecting a multi-lettered room

  • Timeouts not functioning with multiple Fresco units

  • nRM does not appear functional with Fresco

  • Occupancy sensor does not time out or lights turn off


New Feature
  • Support 72 channels

  • Complete scheduling user-interface

  • Bootloader and application validation

  • Synchronization of global data

  • Property transfer
Bugs Fixed
  • Exiting attribute page on another page returns to first page

  • Input assigned to control a zone on another station doesn't get controlled

  • AV interface scene activation does not trigger correct scene

  • AV interface scene status and channel status timeout

  • Upon linked Fresco restarting, channels go to indeterminate state

  • Channel levels do not always update successfully in linked room

  • ColorTemp not working on channels greater than 6

  • Configured nLight ADC not dimming its load

  • Fresco units on local network not discovered via Ethernet

  • nLight occupancy timeout is invalid

VERSION 106.22 – 12/2015 RELEASE NOTES

New Feature: 
  • Identify + Blink Warning


New Feature: 
  • Lutron® QSE Shade Support


New feature:
  • Photocell Device Support

VERSION 103.18 – 10/2014 RELEASE NOTES

New Feature
  • nLight Device Library
Known Issue
  • Must be updated to version 104.03 before later updates can be applied


New Feature:
  • Initial Release
 Known Issue:
  • Must be updated to version 104.03 before later updates can be applied