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Peerless® Renna™

Reshape Your Space

Built around the Peerless Legacy

For 125 years, Peerless® Lighting has been there for you – advancing the understanding of light and its impact on you. The rectilinear luminaire Renna™ continues the Peerless legacy.

Now available with more twists and turns, create a one-of-a kind look with Renna or keep it simple with a linear run. And with the addition of the vertex sensor and Sensorview, Modulus™ gives you even more configurability than before.


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    Design Versatility

    Renna is easy to configure and quick to install, reducing labor hours and your projects’ overall costs.

    Explore the yellow icons below to learn how Renna is easy to incorporate in your design.



    Here are some of our favorite Renna configurations. Let these help spark your design inspiration and get creative. For a complete list of available transitions click here.


    Granularity of Control

    Modulus™ simplifies installation with a single power drop for up to 32 feet of luminaires, reducing complications and labor costs when designing an electrical layout.

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