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Straight from the sun, with a little help from Sunoptics®


Lightflex™ LED Tubular Daylighting


Natural sunlight, tunable-white LED light, or a combination of both – in the same luminaire

The LightFlex™ LED Family from Sunoptics® is the industry’s first tubular daylighting system with integrated tunable-white LEDs and controls to provide natural daylight, tunable-white LED light or a combination of both — in the same system. Leveraging Acuity Brands’ Mainstream Dynamic™ platform with nLight® controls, LightFlex LED provides an optimal lighting system for interior commercial applications to support ones’ natural circadian rhythm. This is achieved by providing access to natural light throughout the day - while maintaining light levels for the task.

LightFlex LED is available with multiple mounting options, including an open-ceiling option for today’s industrial office design. For dropped-ceiling applications, choose from our single, duo or quad options to daylight up to four luminaires from one skylight (one roof penetration).

There’s no greater efficiency than off!®

Seeing is Believing


Signature™ Series Skylights

Signature™ Series skylights provide glare-free, UV-damage free, full-spectrum natural light. Our patented dome design captures more light at low-light levels than any other passive skylight on the market today.


Simplifies Daylight Harvesting

Simplifying daylight harvesting, each LightFlex™ LED daylighting system has a photocell inside the tube. The daylighting sensor detects the natural light and triggers lighting controls to adjust and supplement daylight, only when electric light is needed.


Reduces Ceiling Clutter

LightFlex™ LED reduces ceiling clutter as it is both skylight and tunable-white LED luminaire. Color uniformity between electric and natural light is no longer an issue. You control color temperature from 2700k to 6500k.


Integrated nLight Controls

Integrated nLight® lighting controls enable the sensor, louver and luminaire to adjust, supplement, and maximize natural light and tunable-white LEDs. Both set scenes and manual control, allow you to adjust to the activity in your space.

Only Sunoptics and Acuity Brands provide multiple diffuser options that allow you to complement existing luminaires – or, create an entirely new experience.

TLED mircoprism diffuser_200px

TLED Microprism

TLED Satin Lens diffuser_200px

TLED Satin

ALLED diffuser_200px




TLED Shadowbox diffuer_200px

TLED Shadowbox

Magellan_White Prismatic Diffuser_200px

Magellan Prismatic or Flat

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