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Warehouse Lighting

Providing superior warehouse lighting and lighting control solutions to aid in code compliance, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance for all warehouse facilities.

Warehouse lighting is more than just illumination. The right lighting in a warehouse facility promotes a productive and safe work environment, helps reduce your operational costs, while addressing energy efficiency and code requirements. Together, we can achieve the warehouse lighting solution that meets your requirements, whether new construction or renovation.

Warehouse Lighting Solutions

We offer warehouse lighting and lighting control solutions to meet your needs for both new construction and renovation projects. Whether you are looking to address code requirements, improve energy efficiency or implement a fully integrated system, Acuity Brands has the right solution for your warehouse facility. Click and explore recommendations tailored to your application below.

Warehouse Lighting Control Solutions

Our networked and stand-alone lighting control options give you the ability to meet code requirements throughout the entire warehouse while achieving energy efficiency. Utilize control systems to create the optimal light levels for each space in your warehouse.

Occupancy and Daylight Sensing Devices

SensorSwitch™ is your cost effective, stand-alone lighting controls solution to address most energy and electrical codes with options for dimming, occupancy and daylight sensing, and manual on-off control. SensorSwitch is ideal for projects requiring individual luminaire control or single room control and offers wireless capabilities with JOT.

Networked Lighting Controls Platform

nLight® is your specification grade, networked solution for controlling a single room, an entire campus, and everything in between. Span between indoor and outdoor applications with wired or wireless options. Achieve advanced capabilities that including scheduling, daylight harvesting, full circuit dimming, building wide control strategies, and integration with 3rd party systems.

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