AEL LED Post-top Lanterns

The virtually maintenance-free family of AEL LED post-top lanterns provides exceptional illumination while reducing energy and maintenance costs.



Lineman-friendly features make AEL® LED post-top lanterns easy to install; their long, reliable operating life reduces the hassle of lighting grid maintenance (especially when paired with Acuity Brands® smart controls).



Energy efficiency and holistic longevity make the AEL LED post-top Lantern portfolio the ultimate sustainable solution for renovating legacy streetlights.


Commercial and Government

From business parks to college campuses and military bases, AEL LED post-top Lantern provide a reliable, affordable lighting solution that enhances the architectural appeal of your site.

At a Glance


  • Designed to replace up to 250W HPS post-top fixtures
  • Seven models for a variety of scale, form factor and lighting distributions
  • Types 2, 3 and 5 distributions available
  • Choose from a variety of refractor lens options or full cutoff configurations
  • ANSI 20kV/10kA surge protection option for safe reliable operation
  • DALI-enabled driver options
  • Field-adjustable lumen output module option dims lumen output from 100% to 35%
  • XVOLT tank driver option for protection against dropped neutral and other dirty power issues
  • SuperDurable corrosion-resistant finish for 5,000 hour salt spray rating (additional protection can be added with Epoxy pre-coat)
  • Lineman-friendly features - tool-less entry and prewired terminal block

Value-Added Design Features


Lens Options

The AEL Lantern family offers both prismatic and raindrop style refractors in a variety of materials including acrylic and polycarbonate.



The AEL lantern family is available with a variety of control options ranging from dusk to dawn products to smart network solutions from DTL® and nLight® AIR brands. The Colonial series is also available with or without a cupola housing for photocontrols on the hood.



Acuity Brands® cutting edge light engine design provides value through high performance, reduced operational costs and long system life.

  • 10-45 LED configurations available for a range of performance options
  • Up to 13,800 lumens and 130 lumens per watt!
  • Long system life – 20 years of virtually maintenance-free operation can be expected
  • Designed to operate at up to 40°C ambient for application flexibility
  • Multiple color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K CCT

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