Quality of Light

The Hyline501 linear luminaire offers superior optical performance and efficiency in a small profile. With updated sealing properties and rigid construction, the linear family provides greater flexibility for any architectural, conceptual, and design requirements.

The Hyline501 linear family is constantly advancing. With its sleek profile, the addition of Quad Tech RGBW, and availability in 2ft, 3ft, or 4ft, all are weatherproof. Whether for floodlighting, grazing, or wall-washing applications, the Hyline501 linear family delivers multiple distribution options with exceptional beam control and numerous accessories.


Key Features

  • Quad Tech RGBW for precise color matching
  • No loss of lumen output with Quad Tech RGBW
  • Tighter LED packaging due to Quad Tech RGBW allowing better beam control
  • Numerous optics & distributions to address multiple application needs
  • Various control options
  • Single platform for Static White & Static Color, RGBW, Quad Tech RGBW, Tunable White and Warm Dimming
  • Market-leading efficacy with precision optics
  • 300, 450, 600, 750, 1000 lumens
  • Outdoor IP66
  • 3G Anti-vibration rating
  • Direct View
  • Accessories: Cantilever, Straight Blade Baffle, Glare Control Shielding
  • Flicker-free performance with eldoLED® driver


wall grazing, linear lighting, lighting distribution

Skim light across a surface to highlight texture.

floodlighting, linear lighting, lighting distribution

Use wide distribution of light for general illumination.

wall washing, linear lighting, lighting distribution

Wall Wash
Create smooth, even distribution across a surface.

spot lighting, accent lighting, linear lighting, lighting distribution

Spot and Accent Lighting
Emphasize architectural and design elements with targeted distribution of lighting.


Narrow Spot 9º x 9º

Spot 15º x 30º

Narrow Flood 10º x 60º
30º x 60º

Flood 40º x 60º
60º x 60º

Cove 120º x 120º

Asymmetric Wall Wash

Dynamic Features


The Tunable White feature allows occupants to adjust color temperature optimally for different activities, times of day, or environments.

The Rhythm Range (2700K-6500K) is for designers who want to mimic the natural rhythms of daylight, with a broad palette of color temperatures. The Layers Range (2200K-5000K) offers the flexibility of tunable white control with the aesthetics of warm dimming.

Refer to spec sheet for details.


Warm Dimming (2200K-3000K) dramatically impacts the ambiance of a space, evoking a more welcoming atmosphere.


Paint with RGBW for saturated and pastel colors and movement to affect mood and create bold transformational effects.

Static White & Color
Select from five static white correlated color temperatures or vibrant red, green, blue or amber static colors.







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wall washing, linear lighting, lighting distribution

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