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IQ4 AGM Smart Charge Controller

3-Stage Smart Charge Controller for the IOTA DLS. Tailored Absorption Charging for AGM Batteries.


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The IQ4 AGM provides preferred charging for AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries by delivering an optimized BULK/FINISH stage before reverting to the FLOAT stage.
The IQ4 AGM Smart Charge Controller easily plugs into the Dual Voltage Jack of your IOTA DLS Battery Charger. Once plugged in, the IQ Smart Charge circuitry is automatically engaged and your IQ module will activate. Your DLS will now provide an automatic and trouble free charging profile to your batteries!
Note: External IOTA IQ Smart Charge Controllers are not compatible with DLS units with internal IQ charge controllers.

IQ4 AGM Charge States

The IQ4 AGM progresses through the following stages while charging your batteries:
Bulk/FinishThe Bulk State charges the battery at the optimal output, reducing the time it takes to charge the battery, then holds it for a predetermined 'finishing' period.
FloatOnce the battery has been fully charged, the Float State maintains a full charge to the battery, and reduces the chances of "gassing."
MaintenanceIf the battery has remained in the Float State for 7 days, the IQ automatically reinitiates a bulk charge to ensure the battery remains in a completely charged condition.
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Product Type Smart Charge Controller
Series IQ4
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