Former Employees

I am a former employee with additional questions.


  • How can I get copies of my former W2s and other tax documents?

    For all W2 request please contact the ACONNECT SERVICE CENTER 877-584-1411, Option 1 for Payroll.
  • How to get my final pay stubs?

    Final pay statements can be obtained by contacting ACONNECT SERVICE CENTER 877-584-1411 , Option 1 for Payroll.
  • Verification of Employment


  • Benefit End Date and Cobra

    • If you are a weekly paid associate, you will have active benefits through the Sunday coincident with or following your termination date.
    • If you are a monthly paid associate, you will have active benefits through the end of the month coincident with or following your termination date.
    • COBRA will be offered for any medical, dental, vision and flexible spending account coverage you have as an active associate. COBRA is available for up to 18 months. Our COBRA administrator is Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC). If you are eligible for COBRA, EBC will generate the COBRA packet and mail it to your home address within two weeks following your termination date.

  • Do I have to cash out my 401k?

    If the funds within that account are greater than $5000 when you retire, you are allowed to keep the funds in the 401k plan. You won’t have to withdraw anything until you’re 70 ½ — the age at which you’re required to take minimum distributions. The only instance where you would be forced to cash out your 401(k) is if the account has less than $5000 vested balance. Merrill will contact you when action is needed.
  • What happens to my Health Savings Account (HSA/Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds? Do I still have access to those funds?

    • FSA: If you still have a balance in this account at retirement and do not have eligible expenses to claim those funds for the current plan year, then you would want to continue FSA coverage via COBRA for the rest of that plan year to give you time to incur eligible expenses and have used the remaining FSA balance.
    • HSA: You can continue to use your health savings account funds for eligible expenses until they are exhausted. There is no specific time limit for this to occur.

Key Contact Numbers

  • AConnect Service Center: 1‐877‐584‐1411
  • COBRA Administrator (EBC): 1‐800‐346‐2126
  • Merrill (401k/ESPP): 1‐800‐894‐3845;