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In a modern indoor space we expect quality lighting, comfortable temperatures, and now a treated space. UV light disinfection technology is an extensive and automated method of room treatment. The Acuity Brands modern approach is your long-term solution to treating a room so you can enhance the sense of wellbeing of people interacting within the space. Our UV technologies can target pathogens¹ in the air and on surfaces in both occupied and unoccupied spaces. Our UV products quietly integrate into our spaces to target pathogens so we can focus on what matters most – being together.

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UV Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UV Lighting?

    Ultraviolet light (UV) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 100nm to 400nm. The UV spectrum is further broken down into 3 bands known as UVC, UVB, and UVA. UVC wavelengths are from 100-280nm, UVB wavelengths are from 280-315nm, and UVA wavelengths are from 315-400nm. UV is present naturally in solar radiation. Radiation is the emission energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium, and includes, among other forms, ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared emission. Above the Earth’s atmosphere, solar radiation is 10% UV (UVC, UVB & UVA), 40% visible, and 50% infrared. After passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, radiation is 5% UV (UVB & UVA only), 43% visible, and 52% infrared. All UVC is absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, which is notable as it relates to UV light disinfection technology because most UV light disinfection technology is based on UVC wavelengths and must be electrically generated. See other FAQs for more information on specific UVC sources.

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  • Does UV Light Kill Viruses1?

    Technically no. Since a virus is not a living organism, it cannot be killed. However, UVC Light can inactivate viruses by disrupting the DNA and RNA genetic material in the virus which prevents it from reproducing.

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  • Does UV Light Kill Bacteria1?

    UVC Light can kill (inactivate) bacteria by damaging the DNA and RNA genetic material in the bacteria. UVB, UVA, and even visible light, can also inactivate bacteria, however, in these longer wavelengths, effectiveness is diminished since the inactivation method changes and no longer disrupts the DNA and RNA.

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  • What are UV Lights used for?

    UV Lights can be used in a multitude of occupied and unoccupied spaces depending on the type of UV light disinfection* strategy you implement. UV lights can be used for inactivating viruses1 and bacteria1 in virtually any space. Acuity Brands recommends utilizing UV light disinfection in spaces such as school classrooms, office conference rooms, restaurant and hospitality, public areas, health clubs, hospital patient rooms, operating rooms, and other high-touch spaces.

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  • Why partner with Acuity Brands?

    Acuity Brands has over 100 years experience in the lighting industry. Our research and development team has been working our latest UV technology solutions for over 4 years. We take a science-based approach when it comes to UV and occupant safety is our top priority so we follow all applicable regulatory guidelines. Our diverse set of UV solutions can match your unique project requirements including solutions for occupied or unoccupied spaces that focus on the inactivation of pathogens on surfaces and in the air.

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*All references to “disinfection” are referring generally to reduction of bioburden and are not intended to refer to any specific definition of the term as may be used for other purposes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The disinfection technology as incorporated in Acuity Brands products is not intended for use in the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease and is not certified or approved for use as or for the disinfection of medical devices by the FDA. Bioburden reduction is a function of fixture run time, distance to the UV light source, air flow, room size, shadow areas and/or other factors, and the level of reduction will vary within a specific space.

¹ Refer to product specification sheets at acuitybrands.com/UV-Products for efficacy claims and claim substantiation regarding specific products and pathogens.

All trademarks referenced are property of their respective owners.