The Value of Embedded Controls

Lighting control solutions are in a continuous state of evolution. At the beginning controls were panel-based that evolved to room-based analog occupancy sensors then transitioned to distributed digital devices. Today, lighting controls are moving to embedded controls within the luminaire. An embedded control is designed by the luminaire manufacturer to have the controls device as part of the luminaire. And the beauty of the embedded luminaires is they are manufactured, tested, and shipped with the control already present in the luminaire, eliminating field installation of the control.


Several factors have led to the emergence of luminaire embedded controls and it begins with the lighting industry transition to LED lighting and the advancements it brings. A few of the key advancements are the availability of DC power, in-luminaire digital networks, shrinking component sizes, and the increased controllability of LEDs have all fed into this transition to embedded controls.


Additionally, the market has continued to demand luminaire embedded controls due to the advanced configurability in complex designs and increasingly strict energy codes. The simplification of installation with fewer components and fewer interoperability challenges, along with user comfort advances in a smarter building have fueled the transition to embedded controls.

Benefits of an Embedded Controls Luminaire

Lower total installed cost

With an embedded controls luminaire, specifically a luminaire with an embedded sensor, there is a benefit in the reduction in total installed cost as there are less devices to install. Less devices are required results in less time on the job, easy installation, and greater labor savings. Wireless embedded lighting controls will further increase the labor savings by eliminating the installation of additional controls as an example.

The adoption of wireless lighting controls is on the rise and due to the value of the solution; less wiring and labor cost which lowers the total installed cost of a project making it even more attractive. The same controls solution is available without wires by adding intelligence and wireless capability for standalone or networked lighting control solutions for any project or application.

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Relay panel based Lighting controls with occupancy sensors, daylighting and wall switch

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Wireless embedded controls in the luminaire and wall switches

Easier lighting control designs

Designing a lighting controls system is easier with an embedded control in a luminaire as it eliminates the need for detailed design layouts on the placement of the occupancy sensors in the space. The sensor is in each luminaire eliminating the need for a design layout.

Embedded controls luminaire sensor coverage pattern
Ceiling mount sensor coverage pattern

More Great Benefits of Embedded Luminaires

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Space Configuration

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Energy Codes

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Luminaires with Embedded Controls

There are many luminaires with embedded controls available today to meet the lighting needs of almost any projects ranging from troffers, panels, architectural luminaires, area lights and more.

Below are a few examples, but click the link for the complete offering of over 500 embedded controls luminaires from Acuity Brands.

Learn more about the controls, drivers and battery back-up in an embedded luminaire by visiting these brand sites:


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