Unified Building Controls

Wouldn't it be easier if your HVAC and lighting systems worked together, in harmony?

Unified Building Controls - Wouldn't it be Easier?

Lighting and HVAC represent over 50% of your building’s energy spend* and are the biggest source of comfort complaints. Wouldn’t it be EASIER if your lighting and HVAC systems worked together, in harmony, providing:
  • one unified, graphical and actionable view of system performance and energy spend?
  • optimal comfort and energy efficiency?
  • more value … for the life of your building? 
Acuity Brands brings together a leading lighting and HVAC control solution, with a single, powerful visualization interface, for a truly unified building controls solution.

Unified Building Controls is EASIER

Simplify design, reduce installation time and costs, improve maintenance and serviceability, all while increasing
reliability of multi-application integration, for improved comfort and energy efficiency.

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Easier to Spec - common platform for both lighting and HVAC control; designed to work together, with a single communication protocol, for a predictable and reliable outcome

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Easier to Install - one programming environment; one visualization interface to learn, deliver and service

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Easier to Manage - one visualization interface providing an actionable view into your system performance and your energy spend
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Easier to Scale - standardization to ensure compatibility and support of future lighting and HVAC customization

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Easier to Optimize - harmonized control sequences, leveraging a common sensor network, for optimal energy savings and comfort

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Easier to Service - benefit of two specialized sales and support channels coming together to deliver your unified building controls solution
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Unified Building Controls - Designed to Work Together

Traditional integration of your lighting and HVAC control systems results in disparate systems, duplicated components and overlapping control strategies, making it complex to install, costly to maintain and inefficient to manage.

Acuity Brands assures unified building controls with:

  • BACnet/IP and BTL Listed B-BC controllers for both lighting and HVAC
  • Interoperability of your solution, without the need for additional tools, hardware or gateways
  • One standard visualization and management interface for all systems
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Unified Building Controls - Laying the Foundation for Smart Buildings

With Acuity Brands, the unified building controls solution you choose today is ready for tomorrow and able to support changing technology and grow with your business.

Our solutions allow you to choose lighting and HVAC controls and reliably implement both. More importantly, our unified building controls allow you to efficiently unlock data from your systems, generating one visualization interface, as well as value-added building and business applications, from energy metering and sustainability dashboards to space utilization and other IoT applications.

With our building controls platform, you can connect systems, technology and people throughout the lifecycle of your facility.