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Post Top LED Lantern Lights

Robust, energy-efficient and visually appealing the Holophane® family of LED Post-top Lanterns marries the latest in lighting and controls technology with the elegance of period-style outdoor lighting. From the sparkling beauty of our prismatic glass luminaires to the nighttime-friendly optics of our full-cutoff series, Holophane offers a broad portfolio of form factors and lumen packages to address all of your roadway and area lighting applications.




Lineman-friendly features make Holophane LED post-top lanterns easy to install; their long, reliable operating life reduces the hassle of lighting grid maintenance (especially when paired with Acuity Brands® smart controls). Features such as tool-less entry and pre-wired terminal block are just a few reasons that utilities prefer Holophane products to simplify their job.


Energy efficiency and holistic longevity make the Holophane LED post-top lantern portfolio the ultimate sustainable solution for renovating legacy streetlights. Holophane lanterns provide the lowest total cost of ownership through reduced operational costs and a long, reliable operating life.

Commercial and Government

From business parks to college campuses and military bases, Holophane LED post-top lantern provide a reliable, affordable lighting solution that enhances the architectural appeal of your site. With a wide assortment of energy-saving form factors, lumen packages and distributions, our lanterns provide you a superior level of application flexibility.


  • 50-250 watt HID replacement solutions
  • Six Form Factors available with multiple possible configurations
  • Full-Cutoff models available to protect the night skies
  • Prismatic glass for visual comfort
  • Lumen packages up to 13,000+ lumens
  • 20kV/10kA extreme surge protection option available
  • Multiple distributions for any roadway or area lighting application
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT available
  • Long system life rated for > 100,000 at 25°C, L70
  • Utility-friendly design simplifies installation and maintenance
  • Advanced network controls from DTL® that optimize your energy and maintenance savings
  • Field-adjustable lumen output module available
  • Factory programmable driver option available for additional control
  • IP rated construction - IP66 rated glass optical and IP65 rated electrical enclosure
  • OEM Certified Retrofit Kits available for existing Holophane HID

Industry-Leading Design


Prismatic Lanterns

The Arlington®, Jefferson® and Taft® series each combine a unique architectural style with visually comfortable prismatic glass optics. These products don’t just look beautiful, they also provide industry-leading performance with high uniformity and operational efficiency.

Full Cut-off Lanterns

For zero-uplight applications the Taft, Arlington, and Washington series all are available with unique optical design that minimizes uplight and sky-glow.

Standard and Utility Versions

The Arlington, Jefferson and Taft series are each available with either Standard or Utility housings to meet your specific needs and budget. The Utility housing provide tool-less entry and pre-wired terminal block along with a slightly larger electrical housing to make maintenance simpler and faster.


The Holophane lantern family is available with a variety of control options ranging from DTL® dusk-to-dawn products to smart network solutions. The Colonial series is also available with or without a cupola housing for photocontrols on the hood.

Decorative Options

Decorative finial options or external photocontrol receptacle option allows you to further customize your lanterns to your preference. The PTE2 Taft Series also offers an optional “split-rib” design feature to give your luminaire a more unique appearance.



Retrofit Kits

The LED Retrofit Kits for Holophane’s Arlington (AR & ARU), Jefferson (JF & JFE) and Taft (PTU) HID luminaires are the exact same components used on standard LED luminaires. This ensures optimal performance, thermal management and that the securely mounted kits will not vibrate loose. Take advantage of your HID luminaire by installing the only LED retrofit kit designed specifically for that luminaire.


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