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Wall Pack Lights

Best value in wall-mounted lighting

The all-new Lithonia Lighting® WPX family of LED wall packs are your best choice for your everyday wall-mounted lighting needs. No longer will your customers have to sacrifice performance and style in order to get the low initial cost that they demand.


The WPX is a complete wall-mounted lighting solution, from over-the-door lighting to perimeter lighting with mounting heights of up to 20 feet. The WPX wall packs deliver a wide photometric distribution that reduces the number of luminaires required while creating a well-illuminated, safer nighttime environment. The Lithonia Lighting® WPX is priced competitively and always in stock for quick delivery.



Geometric shape covers the footprint of a typical HID wall pack, covering any unsightly stains.

WPX_3 up features_03

Effortless installation with integral wiring compartment for easy mounting and wiring.


Self-contained emergency battery backup solution available on WPX1 and WPX2.


WPX0 - Easily configure CCT, lumen output and photocell options from one convenient control module during installation.